Monday, May 30, 2011

My son, Hoku, skateboarding the GREAT WALL

The 7th Annual 21st Century China Symposium occurs at a crossroads in US-China relations. We can either learn to trust each other or our relationship can get worse. My entire academic thrust emphasizes the former over the latter. I personally believe we have the best opportunity in the history of the world to change things for the better if China and the US can find ways to work together and support each other with reciprocity. Is this naive on my part? Probably but I am not about to change my tune now.

Come be a part of 21st century history in the making at the 7th Annual 21st Century China Symposium.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

7th Annual 21st Century China Symposium

US-China Relations Scholars gather in Hawaii.

We are currently putting together this year's symposium. If you are interested in participating, let us know. There will be a call for papers shortly and I encourage you to consider submitting a paper for possible publication in our journal, and the possibility of presenting at the conference.

Please subscribe to this blog for all UPDATES. The closer we get to the event, the more exciting it is. Feel free to browse through our archives and see how far we have come.

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