Friday, October 24, 2008

Hawaii Podcamp: Oct. 24-25

I am playing songs from my new CD on Friday at Noon and Saturday at 8:15-9 AM. Be sure to tune in via computer and/or come by the Hawaii Convention Center. This is going to be an awesome annual event and I am humbled to be part of the first one. Hoku, my 15 year old son, is helping out, too, while also going to college full-time.

The 5th Annual 21st Century China Symposium is already in the planning stages, and we are excited. It will be during the month of July 2009.

I am now at East West Center and will return to Beijing over the Christmas holidays. Mahalo to everyone for their support and aloha, especially my Chinese friends at Tsing-hua and Peking University, as well as Nankai. When I am home in Hawaii I miss China every day because of all of the wonderful friends, students, and business partners we have.

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