Wednesday, November 10, 2010

7th Annual 21st Century China Symposium

Vince Pollard

William Edward Eads

Harry Kim

This symposium is dedicated to three people I dearly love. First to Dr. Vince Pollard, a UH professor, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly one day not too long ago at UH Manoa. He never got the chance to speak at one of our symposiums but he wanted to and he helped us with so many of the details of our publication The 21st Century China Symposium Journal. We are dedicating the journal to him this year.

The second person is our good friend Harry Kim who has spoken at almost every single symposium except the one right before he had a heart attack. Harry is a great guy and the chief reason we have carried on. His support for my family and our dreams has made most of them come true already and he has caused us to dream bigger because of his forgiving and nurturing heart.

The third person is my brother William Edward Eads, one of the smartest people I have ever known. I recently found out he passed away in San Diego and I had been looking for him for more than 15 years. His academic performance inspired my entire family and we miss him as if it were yesterday. Bill, this one is for you brother. All your friends at Stanford miss you too.

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