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Why Should You Attend the 21st Century China Symposium?

Former US Congressman Ed Case with US-China Relations Group
Event Organized by Don Eads(Second from right)


Why Your Group Should Attend the
Fifth Annual 21st Century China Symposium

There are many reasons for you and your group to attend the 5th Annual 21st Century China Symposium. It gives you a chance to be a part of the future of US-China Relations by learning and participating in round table one-on-one and small group discussions with top China experts. We also are conducting 21st Century China Tours to help your entire team adjust to doing business, traveling, understanding, and enjoying Chinese culture to the fullest. America has a duty to become culturally sensitive to China, and to share the uniqueness of American and Western culture with China. Lasting friendships and relationships form here and help to open the door to your long-range future in China. You will never forget this event. The impact of getting more comfortable with CHINA IS A LIFE-LONG SET OF REWARDS.
Additionally, here are several more good reasons to participate in all of the events associated with the 21st Century China Symposium, July 17-19 at various locations, including Manoa, Waikiki, surprises,China town, and the beach.

1. Don Eads has a passion for all things Chinese, and more importantly, he is a local from Hawaii. He believes his job is to bridge the gap between the US and China with Hawaiian Aloha. Don is a musician/songwriter who has performed all over Hawaii, America, and China. Don also has business ties in China with the top advertising agencies, many of whom are his former students from Peking University. He knows the in's and out's of doing business in China, and he provides this foundation during the Symposium. He is a professor with expertise in China-US Relations and a PhD candidate in International Education.

2. Access to top China Experts. A great example is Dan Piccuta who just retired from Foreign Service. He was in charge of the US Embassy in Beijing until recently when Utah Governor John Huntsman was appointed by President Obama. Dan will share his insights and expertise and take questions. Do you have a visa challenge? Are you thinking about traveling in China? Is your business contemplating setting up shop in the Land of the Dragon? Dan will be at the Symposium to answer your questions, and provide you with up to the minute information about the national leaders, the movers and shakers, and the future of US-China relations.

3. FUN. Aside from all of the great forums we have planned, on Friday night we will host a meet and greet party, followed by a Chinese film. On Saturday night we will have a huge party in Waikiki. On Sunday evening we will host a
BEACH banquet with top notch entertainment.

4. Academics. Papers are coming in echoing this year's theme, "Increasing Trust in US-China Relations." Hear from top academic experts about 21st Century China. We will also publish a Journal of these papers.

5. We are planning 21ST CENTURY China Tours to help each person get oriented and to experience China for yourself. Details will be announced at the Symposium. Don has lived and traveled extensively in China and he can guide you.

6. Early bird ticket prices give you the best deal, just as making travel arrangements soon will save you money. Contact us for the best deals. Group discounts are available.

7. HAWAII! Spend some time with us in paradise while learning about 21st Century China. There are many close ties between Hawaii and China. Hawaii is often described as the bridge between the East and the West.

Aloha. Let us introduce you to the study of
21st Century China in the
tropical paradise of Hawaii.
Get your tickets and
let us make your travel arrangements TODAY!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Papers Coming In From All Over The World

Submit Papers Now!
Deadline for Papers: June 1, 2009 Midnight Hawaii time

The Symposium is moving into high gear. Be sure to get your tickets early-contact me directly for the best deal-and make travel arrangements soon. We also provide group discounts. We work with the best travel professionals so I can help you get good deals on inter-island, domestic and international rates, including hotels, airfare, rent-a-cars, etc. Why not spend the weekend of July 17-19 in Honolulu? Decide now to become a China Expert. Attend the Fifth Annual 21st Century China Symposium. We are having a big party in Waikiki Saturday night, a banquet in Chinatown on Sunday night, and lots of wonderful surprises along the way. Join us, and experience Hawaiian Aloha along with Chinese expertise. Hear Dan Piccuta talk about his experience at the US Embassy Beijing. Once in a lifetime opportunity!

This symposium is not just for academic types. We strive to make it entertaining, fun, and informative. Our goal is to constantly provide the most up to date information about 21st Century China. This is no easy task.

We are organizing a tour to China for all of you who are interested. We will provide complete details at the Symposium.

Fifth Annual
21st Century China Symposium

Keynote Address

Daniel Piccuta
US Embassy Beijing

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tickets are now available

Tickets are now available for

the Fifth Annual 21st Century China Symposium.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Obama Appoints Utah Governor as Beijing Ambassador

US Ambassador to China John Huntsman
Chinese Refer to him as "No Panda Hugger"

Hu Jintao and Barack Obama

China's Take on the "No Panda Hugger"

The 21st Century China Symposium has its finger on the pulse of China in many diverse ways. Dan Piccuta, who just retired as the Charges D'Affairs at the US Embassy in Beijing will be one of our keynote speakers at the Fifth Annual 21st Century China Symposium. His expertise and background make him the perfect choice to address the complicated issues effecting US-China Relations. Hear his reflections on US-China Relations and his take on the new US Ambassador to China, Utah Governor John Huntsman.

Dan has recently traveled with the top leaders of China to the earthquake memorial held in remembrance of those who lost their lives. He has been in high level meetings with all of China's leadership and knows China very well. His presence at the Symposium alone is an incredible chance for you to understand China much better and avoid mistakes when dealing with China on any level, whether it be business, military, government or tourist.

Plan now to attend and hear what Dan Piccuta has to say firsthand.

Fifth Annual 21st Century China Symposium
July 17-19
Honolulu, Hawaii
Keynote Speaker
Daniel Piccuta
US Embassy Beijing
Don Eads

Monday, May 11, 2009

Fifth Annual 21st Century China Symposium Update

Fifth Annual
21st Century China Symposium

Daniel Piccuta
US Embassy Beijing
is Confirmed as Keynote Speaker

July 17-19 Friday-Sunday

Friday July 17
5:30-10 PM
Friday evening meet and greet
followed by a Chinese film

Saturday July 18
9 AM-4 PM

9-10:15 AM
Symposium Topics

15 minute break

10:30-11:45 AM


Noon-1 PM

1-3 PM
Paper Presentations

3-4 PM
Break out sessions

Sunday July 19
9 AM-10:15 AM
We will provide a non-denominational service
15 minute break



1-4 PM
Round tables in the afternoon

5-9 PM
Closing banquet with entertainment

Tickets for banquet will be available in advance
One of China's top classical pianists will perform

This event is an awareness/fundraiser
for the global grove project
which provides housing and food globally.
Please send donations to:

Aloha Christian Fellowship
437 Keolu Drive
Kailua, Hawaii 96734

Don Eads, the founder of the 21st Century China Symposium, is currently in International Cultural Studies at the East West Center
and a PhD candidate in International Education.

His son, Hoku, is attending college at 15.
They have lived in China part of the year since 1999.
Don works with Tony Robbins as
International Coordinator

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fifth Annual 21st Century China Symposium Update

Don Talks With Chinese Grad Student at His Home In Hawaii

Fifth Annual

21st Century China Symposium
Increasing Trust in US-China Relations
July 17-19 2009
University of Hawaii Manoa


Increasing Trust in
US-China Relations

We encourage interdisciplinary work
We welcome any field of specialization
Symposium is 3 days Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Deadline for submission June 1, 2009.
Submit to:
Professor Donald Eads
More info at:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Andy Bumatai Show Links

My 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

My 1963 Mercury Comet

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