Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why Have This Symposium Anyway?

First Holiday Party for the China-US Relations MA program UH Hilo 2004


In the lower left hand corner of the picture, next to me, is my mentor, John Hsueh-li Cheng. He is precisely why I do the Symposium. Oh sure there are lots of reasons but when push came to shove, John Cheng told me, "You have to go and live in China, then you will understand." Dr. Cheng was right. I moved to China and still live there. Part of my heart is always in China with my dear friends and colleagues all over the Land of the Dragon. I have been blessed with the extraordinary opportunity to catch a glimpse of the dragon waking up and coming alive after a long snooze. And wow, there is nothing like it. Hawaii allows us to bring aloha into your hearts with fun activities like the Saturday night Bash in Waikiki, the Chinese film night, and the Sunset Closing Banquet. Memories that will last forever WITH OUR OHANA!

I produce the Symposium for our growing international community with deep roots in Hawaii and China. One of the most interesting aspects of Hawaiian culture is the never-ending Chinese connection. A greater cooperative effort is possible in Hawaii between the US and China for precisely these types of inter-cultural connections historically. The 21st Century China Symposium opens the door with aloha and casual elegance for just such a possibility. After all, The theme for this year's symposium is "Increasing Trust in US-China Relations." Of course it takes all of us, our entire city, state, nation, and world, to effect such change, but Hawaii is a perfect place to be some small part of the whole. The tropical nature of paradise can give us a chance to share local values such as aloha and sharing.

As we enter this final phase before the 2009 Symposium, I look back on the new century and what has happened. It has been fulfilling, more than any other description. To know I am doing what I am supposed to be doing is a completely peaceful assurance. We welcome your support and participation. Please know that we do not take any of it for granted. We are grateful for the opportunity to present experts like Dan Piccuta and others who will give us depth of perspective on how to best approach the new China.

I will emphasize the cultural connection. We are fortunate to be able to travel all over China through the years. As a country, China is exceedingly diverse with distinct regional and local personalities and this comes out as one travels.

We will engage in dialogue about many interrelated topics, such as the economy, the challenges of North Korea to the already strained relationship between the US and China, politics, human rights issues, doing business, living and working in 21st Century China, etc. We will also entertain your questions and comments within the context of topical references.

In the end I encourage you to do the same thing John Cheng encouraged me to do: Come to our Symposium, and let us help you with aloha to become an essential part of our 21st Century China Ohana!
Aloha and xie xie,

Don Eads
21st Century China Symposium

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kama'aina Early Bird Discount Until July 1, 2009

Peoples University: Beijing, China waiting for my ride every Friday

Symposium Theme: Increasing Trust in US-China Relations

July 17-19
Honolulu (various locations)
Get Early Bird Kama'aina Discounts Now

Thank you if you are one of the many from all over the world who submitted your paper for inclusion. Our jury was tough, fair, and stuck doggedly to the theme. We have notified everyone of the decisions and we will print an annual journal starting this year.

Living, studying, and working in China is pleasant and truly wonderful. Chinese people are very friendly to Americans and especially, Hawaiians. So consider taking a China Tour with us in the future. Details will be available at the Symposium on how you can hang out with us in Beijing and other parts of China that have tremendous cultural significance. We know China well and can facilitate your special needs and requests whatever they may be, including securing your visas and various permits that may be required by the Chinese government. We can also help with other types of visas, too, including business, student, resident permits, etc. long term employment (Z) visas, etc. Contact us first. we live in China, and have the right information and contacts, both here and there. And in the spirit of aloha we are willing to share our knowledge with you and your group. You can join our growing ohana. We have lots of regulars who have come to the 21st Century China Symposium every year since the beginning. Look back through these archives to see the last few years.

We also have large groups of Chinese tourists who want to come here and we are looking for investors for our Hawaii Tours for Chinese visitors to help us further build a solid bridge between the US and China. Either way, Chinese tourism may be one of the brightest spots in Hawaii's economic downturn. We can provide business consultations in the Chinese environment, accommodate your desires to see the Terra Cotta warriors, travel the Silk Road, etc. Attending all events of the Fifth Annual 2009 21st Century China Symposium is just the beginning. You will form relationships with experts in US-China relations and travel later with many of us to various parts of China and probably stay in touch for a lifetime.

The ticket prices are by suggested donation because this event will benefit the global grove project
created by Aloha Christian Fellowship to end global hunger and homelessness within our lifetime. So please donate buy lots of tickets, support our 3-day event. Get your tickets before July 1st as prices go up. EARLY BIRD TICKETS ARE FOR KAMA'AINAS at a substantial discount. Get them today.

Mahalo nui loa,


Brief Overview of 3-day Symposium
read earlier blogs for more detail

Friday evening: Registration, Meet and greet, Chinese film with English subtitles, Live entertainment

Saturday: Introduction and overview, keynote address, Break for lunch Brief presentation of papers, discussions, break for dinner
Saturday evening: Huge Party in Waikiki, drink specials, live entertainment

Sunday: Second Keynote Address, Special topics by China Experts, Lunch, Round tables, small group discussions, one on one
Sunday evening: Sunset banquet closing ceremonies, special entertainment, presentation of awards

We will publish an annual journal with pictures from the symposium, papers, keynotes, etc. starting this year. YOU MAY PRE-ORDER IT AT THE SYMPOSIUM. Mahalo, xie xie

See you soon

Don Eads

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Don Eads performs and talks story on Binhai Radio Network in Tianjin, China


Having produced this Symposium for 5 years now no one is more aware than me of the costs involved, especially in this economy. The 2009 21st Century China symposium is by far the best one yet. The papers that came in this year are the best, the symposium topic and speakers are excellent, the entertainment and fun factor have been increased, like the Friday night Chinese movie, the Saturday night bash in Waikiki, the closing Sunset beach banquet, all are designed to give us the opportunity to connect and bond. Lifetime friendships form in Hawaii and that is our intention.

America needs to breed a new generation that is attuned to China and Chinese culture. The Symposium offers you the opportunity to connect with the people who are already doing this. We have kept the ticket prices as low as possible. Please help us by buying your tickets early. It is a win-win situation. You get a great deal, and you help us during this critical phase. Group rates are available.
Get our best deals by contacting Professor Eads:

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